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We offer authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine Our food is prepared using traditional Indian and Pakistani cooking methods, we use only Zabiha Halal meat whether it is chicken Beef or Lamb, all of our meat is hand cut Zabiha Halal.
We offer catering services for all occasions whether it is a small party or any big occasion. We will honor any special request by customers for their catering needs. Our dine-in offers a wide range of selection that will appeal to one and all, we have Sandwiches burgers and fried chicken for the younger folks and have traditional sub-continental dishes for elders who love Indian and Pakistani food and have a taste for Subcontinent recipes.
This is a one of a kind of Restaurant where the customer can come experience and enjoy the coziness and warmth of our hospitality that we offer.
Our Banquet Hall is ideal for small parties and events, we can easily accommodate up to 100 guests in the Banquet Hall. Everyone loves the ambiance that we have created to make your visit a memorable one, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with what we have to offer.
This is the best place to Dine in the whole of southwestern suburbs of Chicago land area.
Our special Lunch Buffet is the best deal you can have for the price of $7.99.


We aim to home-produce as much as possiblefor the best quality, and to reduce food miles. Our delicious cakes, traditional Devon scones, breads, soups, sauces and accompaniments are produced in our own kitchens – and we use herbs from our gardens when in season. Even our bottled water is produced in-house, using a sophisticated seven-stage filtration.




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